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Articles (7月 2014)

Interview with Richard Lifshitz and Korina Travis

Posted on 日曜日, 27 7 2014, 19:03 by admin | 0 comment/s
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We talked to Richard Lifshitz and Korina Travis, the winners of Under21 Latin at 2014 Blackpool Dance Festival. Richard and Korina represent England. Results come when you start achieving your ideas that you wanted to create Great, fantastic results yesterday! It is nice to finally see an English couple winning Blackpool. Let's start ...

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Interview with Michael Foskett and Nika Vlasenko

Posted on 金曜日, 04 7 2014, 23:20 by admin | 0 comment/s
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We talked to the winners of Under21 Ballroom at 2014 Blackpool Dance Festival Michael Foskett and Nika Vlasenko who represent England. They are both very young dancers and Nika is only seventeen years old. I would love to see more people of all levels of Ballroom to be encouraged to express in Ballroom their passion for it Let me start wi...

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